Mandy Oliver Photography

Meet Mandy

I wasn’t walking around with a camera from the time I could hold one. Photography found me my senior year of high school via a corky and passionate teacher,although it didn’t fully grab hold of me until my college years. I’ve always been inspired by the art of visual, written and spoken story telling. I love falling into a great story and getting lost in another’s perspective and finding myself somewhere within it. I see everyone as characters, and It’s my pleasure to step in and relay their unique and engrossing story.

Some simple truths

  • Graduated from California State University with a bachelor of arts in fine art creative photography

  • I had a horse named Stardust as a child

*I'm a self development junky.

  • Textiles and baubles make me glow inside.

  • My mothers spychic advised her I was a Shaman.

  • I once had a handbag line by the name of Native Honey

  • I'm tropic over dessert.

  • I believe it really is all about Faith, a faith...a FAITH.

  • A California Native

  • I am a Health + Fitness Coach

  • I’m obsessed with nature and sparkles.

  • Color is my muse.

  • I'm in love with Strong People.

  • Don’t say the word alien around me.